Rock House Podcast!

Hello students and families,

I am happy to announce that Michelle and I have released our podcast to the world. It is called the Rock House and you can stream it for free on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Rock House

Stories from the Music Underground

Our mission is to create a deeper appreciation for independent artists and local live music.


We have been putting out 1 episode per week since December and have over 10 episodes in the first season. Our 5th show was with Christopher Narainen, who has performed at many Learson Piano recitals on the drums. On his Podcast episode you can hear Chris' story - immigrating from Mauritius, working in finance, and teaching at the School of Rock in Boston. 

Click the picture below to stream the Rock House in iTunes.

Or you can stream from SoundCloud.

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Please let me know what you think!

Cheers, Stephen