Stephen Learson



Stephen Learson received his BA in Contemporary Writing and Production from the Berklee College of Music. He has studied with Elaine Friedlander, Robert Sottile, Bruce Thomas, and Ray Santisi. In addition to the piano, Stephen has extensive training with the Hammond organ under the tutelage of Bruce Katz and Dave Limina. 


Stephen is the Founder and Director of the Learson Piano Studio and has been teaching piano since 1998. A product of the Suzuki Piano School, his method of instruction is based on its technical and ear-training principals. Private lessons include classical and contemporary music theory designed for college preparation. Many of his students perform regularly in festivals, recitals and school functions. 


Mr. Learson holds a national certification for piano instruction through the National Teachers Music Association.

Professional Career

In 2006 Stephen formed the original rock band, The Indobox. The band has released 3 studio albums and 1 live album. They have a new EP titled, Shapes And Colors and you can listen and buy it here.

In 2012 Stephen formed the original pop band, Psychic Spies. The group has performed throughout New England and is preparing to release an EP later this year.


Yana Abdulov



Yana Abdulov is an accomplished Pianist/Music Instructor, originally from Belarus. She graduated from the Belarus State Academy in 2003 and has continued her piano study in the United States. She has studied privately with accomplished pianists such as David Maxwell, Harvey Diamond, Yasko Kabota, Bill Duffy and Ralph Funaro. 


Ms. Abdulov has been teaching private lessons in the United States for 10 years and specializes in blues, ragtime, and stride piano. 

Professional Career

Yana has a very versatile program: classical music, jazz, blues, ragtime, pop, movie themes, and more. Ms. Abdulov performs solo piano regularly in the Boston area and throughout New England. 

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Kana Dahara



Kana Dehara was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, where she began her piano study at the age of 3. After years of study, Dehara came in first place at the Junior Classical Piano Competition, and subsequently performed her first professional concert after her 11th birthday.  Her first public concert included Mozart's piano concerto “Concert Rondo.” She was able to claim first place 2 years later and performed Beethoven's Piano Concert No.1 with the Euphonica Orchestra.

At 18 she enrolled at Kobe Jogakuin  College in Japan as a classical performance major. After graduating with honors in 2004 her professors expected her to become a classical pianist, but when she discovered jazz she felt that it was a turning point in her life. The music inspired her to come to America where Jazz was born.

In 2005 Dehara enrolled on scholarship at the Berklee College of Music where she was able to begin her study in the Jazz field. She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Professional Music. 


For the past ten years, Kana has taught numerous students in the area of Classical, Jazz, Contemporary piano styles and Ear training. It has always been her dream to be not only an excellent performer and musician but also to be able to share that dream and all her knowledge with her students. She currently teaches at the Merry Melody Music Academy in Norwood, MA

Professional Career

Kana has been actively performing in the United States and Japan at venues including Ryles Jazz club, Boston, Mr. Kelly’s, Osaka, Carnegie hall, NY, and many more. In 2009 she joined Boston’s renown, award-winning group, Zili Misik, as their keyboardist and backing vocalist. She also is the principal pianist of the VGO orchestra, Boston. 

Kana has a new solo album as well. You can hear the title track on her website at kanadehara.com

Michael McCarthy 





Michael McCarthy studied classical piano from the age of 8 in Philadelphia, PA. In high school his technical expertise gravitated toward the world of jazz where he played with the most talented students in the city. At the age of sixteen he was able to afford his first synthesizer and became fascinated with sound design. After high school, McCarthy enrolled at the Berklee College Of Music and studied jazz, composition, and synthesis production and design.


McCarthy’s private studio practice specifies in jazz, classical, and composition. For composers interested in using software, McCarthy is an expert in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools. He believes that anyone who is passionate about music, and willing to take some time to read/listen/learn, has limitless possibilities. No idea or concept is too big to achieve, with a little a help and focus.

Professional Career

After Berklee, McCarthy founded the original band, Wobblesauce. The band performs nationally and has released five albums in the past four years. In spite of a rigorous tour schedule, Wobblesauce still manages to host a critically acclaimed weekly residency at Boston’s Wonderbar. McCarthy also performs with Moe PopeSupersillyus, and his newest production project Dark City Agent.